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Onde ir de compras na Roma

Why to visit Rome?

The eternal city is one of the most unique places in the world, discover it with our guided tours.

In Rome there are ancient ruins, Renaissance masterpieces, modern architecture, and all of its 7 hills. It is also one of the most popular cities for film sets.

Rome is not only an architectural feat, but it is also stunning in terms of numbers. Did you know for example that Rome boasts over 2000 fountains? From the Fontana di Trevi by Gian Lorenzo Bernini to the Fontana della Barcaccia to the Fontanone del Gianicolo that marks the end of the Acqua Paola aqueduct, there are many wonderful structures to admire.

Do not miss a walk downtown in the elegant Via del Babbuino and Via Condotti and remain open-mouthed in front of the windows of luxury boutiques.

Take a break from shopping for a quick coffee in one of the lovely outdoor caf├ęs in one of the many picturesque squares, enjoy a slow lunch in one of the restaurants with a panoramic terrace overlooking the city.

No matter how much time you have available during your stay in Rome: make sure you take a break from the program of guided visits to historic monuments to truly experience the city in Dolce Vita style.

Important Notice

Due to COVID 19, to avoid crowds, direct access to the Basilica passing through the Vatican Museums has been temporarily closed, the tour will then end in St. Peter’s Square, after an exhaustive explanation.

If you are interested in visiting St. Peter’s Basilica, do not hesitate to contact us to participate in one of our specially dedicated tours.

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