Pilgrimage to Loreto

Pellegrinaggio a Loreto

Pilgrimage to Loreto

Loreto: the Italian “Capital” of worship Mariano Loreto, a delightful town in the province of Ancona near the Adriatic coast, is the place where, according to tradition, on December 10, 1294 the angels of the Lord led the house where the Madonna was born, lived and received the famous “Annunciation”.

Pilgrimage to Loreto: discovering the city made Sanctuary

A pilgrimage to the Marian places of Loreto, can begin in the Piazza della Madonna, the heart of the city, closed on the east side by the Basilica. This is a majestic church built in a mixed style that combines late Gothic elements with Renaissance characters. The structure and the works preserved inside it are of the highest level. The grandiose dome was built according to a design by Giuliano da Sangallo, while the bell tower is by Luigi Vanvitelli. Bramante, Baccio Pontelli, Andrea Sansovino, Giuliano da Sangallo, Luca Signorelli, Pomarancio, Luigi Vanvitelli and Melozzo da Forlì also worked here. The most sacred place is the interior of the Holy House where the black Madonna with the traditional dalmatic is kept. In Loreto it is advisable to visit the Museum-Pinacoteca housed in the Apostolic Palace which preserves eight splendid works by Lorenzo Lotto.

Pilgrimage to Loreto: the journey from Macerata to Loreto

Every year, generally in June, there is a night pilgrimage along the 27 kilometers between Macerata and Loreto. The journey is a participated moment of prayer, reflection with songs and readings.

What to see around Loreto

A pilgrimage to Loreto can be an opportunity to learn about the ways of nature, art and faith in the Marche region. Near the Sanctuary stands the luxuriant Conero promontory with the coves of its coast and the lively Porto Recanati. The San Giuseppe da Copertino Sanctuary and the caves are worth a visit, both in Osimo (Ancona), Giacomo Leopardi’s house in Recanati (Macerata) and Macerata’s spherical arena that hosts numerous shows.

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