Pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo

Pellegrinaggio a San Giovanni Rotondo

Pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo

Padre Pio is the common name of use of San Pio da Pietrelcina, actually Francesco Forgione, who lived between 1887 and 1968 in San Giovanni Rotondo in Bari, Puglia.

An extremely important figure for the Catholic religion, Padre Pio was named Saint by Pope John Paul second in 2002; every September 23, the anniversary of his death, his memory is celebrated, with a particular influx of the faithful to the sanctuary named after him, where he lived and practiced his faith in life.

The enormous veneration that accompanies San Pio is present and alive today, evident in particular thanks to the constant influx of faithful in the form of a pilgrimage to Padre Pio in his Sanctuary in San Giovanni Rotondo.

Throughout the year there are many requests for reservations for holidays related to religious tourism in Puglia, with a constant demand for hotels, pensions and convents where you can stay during your stay in Puglia.

Pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo

Without resorting to estimates or quantifications, what is certain is the conspicuous and constant flow of people praying at the Sanctuary, especially since the body of the Saint was exposed to the public in a display case specially designed for the proper preservation of his remains.

Padre Pio is also known to those less educated on a religious level the combination that has been created between Padre Pio and the phenomenon of the appearance of stigmata, which Pio himself admitted he received at the beginning of the twentieth century. After his death, we recall a couple of fundamental dates for the history of Saint Pio of Petrelcina:

Beatification – Vatican City May 02, 1999 by Pope Karol Woytjla
Canonization – Vatican City June 16, 2002 by Pope Karol Woytjla

The memory of Padre Pio is a person of heart, sympathy and immense humanity, and this is transmitted to the people of today thanks to stories, portraits, iconographies that are part of what we can thus (a little modernly) define the “Padre Pio’s gadgets”, available both near the sanctuary in San Giovanni Rotondo, in the places dedicated to him and also in the internet market

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