Tour in Italy

Tour in Italy

Tour in Italy

In this section you will find the complete list of our tours in Italy, with a description of their main features.

Discover the most beautiful Italian cities admire: Florence, Siena, Naples, Rome world heritage sites, and ancient Italian architecture.
Let yourself be carried away by the romantic atmosphere of Venice and dive into the history of these places.
View the most beautiful and evocative sea areas: La Costiera Amalfitana, Capri Positano and the Cinque Terre, live an unforgettable experience with us.

Travel to Italy

Italy is also known by the name of “Bel Paese”.
With its works of art and monuments of the highest artistic value, it is a real open-air museum, a source of unforgettable memories for all who visit it.
There is so much to enjoy, from the most famous cities of art to the many often little known but beautiful villages, from beaches to countryside locations.
Visiting the country means not only getting in touch with its past, but also experiencing the present of an infinite variety of cultures, gastronomies, traditions now similar, now very different from each other, but united by their belonging to this land wonderful and unique.

When to Visit Italy

Every season is ideal for visiting Italy.
The spring and autumn months are perfect for getting to know the main cities of art and the charming villages that dot the country, but also for admiring nature in bloom, rows full of grapes and splendid olive groves.
The hot summer is the right season to experience moments of relaxation and fun along the coasts lapped by the waters of the Mediterranean.

What to eat during a Tour in Italy

Home of the Mediterranean diet, a nutritional model recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Italy boasts a culinary tradition that is renowned and envied all over the world.
Italian cuisine is very varied: while in the north, meat-based dishes such as braised meats or stews are preferred, accompanied by polenta as well as different sauces, the south is the triumph of fish dishes that can be enjoyed together with fresh vegetables .
The product par excellence of Italian gastronomy is certainly pasta.
With its innumerable shapes, it is possible to appreciate it in the infinite regional variations.
How can we forget the pizza, which has become the most consumed Italian food in the world.

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