Guided Tour Sant’Angelo Castle-Vatican Museum Sistine Chapel, St Piter

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Guided tour Vatican Museum Sistine Chapel Sant’Angelo Castle. Discover with our guide Castel Sant’Angelo and its “Passetto”, the Piazza and the Basilica of San Pietro, the Vatican Museums, and the Sistine Chapel. Do not miss this opportunity.

Tour Castel Sant’Angelo. Discover with our guide Castel Sant’Angelo and its “Passetto”.

Initially conceived as a mausoleum for Hadrian’s imperial family, the castle is an inexhaustible source of stories and legends, many of which are linked to the Popes.

In fact, we will visit the rooms on the upper floor dedicated to the popes and decorated with wonderful Renaissance frescoes. Some works even belong to Raphael’s school and are the result of truly impressive technical skill.

From the upper floor we will then access the terrace, from which we can enjoy a complete view of Rome and the Vatican City. What better location for a nice selfie?

Later you will visit the Piazza and the Basilica of San Pietro, as well as the Vatican Museums, probably the most important classical collection in the world, and the Sistine Chapel. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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A wonderful visit inside the most famous Castle of Rome, The tour will continue with the visit to the Vatican Museums, where you can admire incomparable works of the Papal collections through the centuries, the highlight of the tour will be the visit to the Sistine Chapel where you can admire with your eyes the genius of Michelangelo, including the famous amorous self-portrait of the Master and the Final Gudizio.La guided tour of the Basilica of St. Peter will take place directly from the Sistine Chapel without making a row at the entrance and you will discover the largest and solemn place of Christian worship in the world. Here you will encounter the dramatic beauty of Pietà by Michelangelo.