Guided Tour Tivoli Villa D’Este, Villa Adriana



Guided Tour Tivoli, Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana.

The city of Tivoli located east of the city of Rome, rises on the western slopes of the Tiburtini mountains and along the banks of the Aniene river. It has enjoyed favorable conditions since ancient times, from a climatic and strategic point of view; it played the role of a crossroads in traffic to and from Abruzzo and offered its lapis tiburtinus (the well-known travertine) to Renaissance sculptors of the immediately following centuries and even earlier to Roman workers to embellish nearby Rome. The mild climate and the richness of the waters favored, in different periods, the construction of large architectural complexes, now known all over the world.

The most important examples are the private residence of Emperor Hadrian, Villa Adriana, the sixteenth-century Villa d’Este built by Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este and Villa Gregoriana built in the nineteenth century right where the river Aniene created a magnificent waterfall falling into a valley. under the acropolis of the city Tivoli.

Villa Adriana and Villa D’Este have been declared World Heritage Sites

Discover the beauty of these splendid villas of the past

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The suggestive city of Tivoli is known for its sulphurous mineral springs and the imperial Villas. Walk through Villa d’Este among fountains, caves and water features and the majestic ruins of Villa Adriana to relive the magnificence of Baroque art.