Where to eat in Rome

Where to eat in Rome? Surely it is a question that arises whoever visits the capital. Below we give you some ideas for a lunch, a dinner or an aperitif in non-tourist places.


Cavalier Gino – Cucina Tradizionale

Be on the safe side, For those who don’t mind the special effects or design, you should also recommend the Cavalier Gino, an institution of a vanished Rome. Very frequented by politicians, given the proximity to Montecitorio, this trattoria with a few seats, tables set in the old fashioned way, newspaper clippings on the walls, is not very different from 1963. The slate with the dishes of the day immediately makes it clear that traditional dishes are served of Roman cuisine: spaghetti carbonara, tonnarelli cheese and pepper, amatriciana, penneall’arrabbiata (tra gli 8 e i 10 euro). Giovedì gnocchi.

Cavalier Gino, vicolo Rosini 4,  tel:06 687 3434

dove mangiare a roma cavalier gino ristorante

Ciao Checca – Veloce

For those in a hurry but want to eat well, in the center there is Ciao Checca. Let’s start with the name: the Checca is a typical dish of the Roman cuisine, to be “blasphemous” a cold pasta or ditaloni striped with chopped tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, basil salt and oil: (7 euros), also in maxi version (9 EUR) . Other first courses include pesto and pine nut tagliolini, pasta and chickpeas with anchovy sauce (7 euros) and chickpea, lentil, cicerchie and chicory soup (7 euros). For the carnivores, the Patty Melt cheeseburger, or Danish meat burger (8.5 euros), is worth tasting. The whole menu includes gluten-free variations.

Ciao Checca, piazza di Firenze 25-26, tel 06-68300368. Sito

dove mangiare a roma-ciao checca-ristorante roma

Armando al Pantheon – Storico

Another safe effect above all for the location, those who love being in the heart of Rome know that Armando is one of the most famous Roman trattorias, a gastronomic institution right in the center, a step away from the Pantheon. We included it among the non-tourist restaurants in Rome, despite being full of tourists, because it has a very high quality, also recognized by the Romans. It offers a cuisine linked to tradition and the land and homemade desserts. There is also a vegetarian menu.

Armando al Pantheon, Salita de’ Crescenzi 31, tel.0668803034. Sito

dove mangiare a roma armando al pantheon ristorante

Maxelâ – Meat

Chungry arnivores is the place for you. From the Genoese dialect (as the founding members of the restaurant), butcher or Maxelâ is based on the combination of meat and wine. To start with, those who love the raw cannot give up the Tartare di Fassona (12 euros), or the Carpaccio EVO (8.5 euros), or prefer a classic Albese (7.5 euros). Waiting for the meat or burgers (from 7.5 euros), or Florentine, ribs and entrecote (price per weight). Then cut of fassona (11/13 euros). Among the tiramisu desserts and Maxelâ chocolate cake (5 euros). Well-stocked wine list.

Maxelâ, Via delle Coppelle 10-13, tel. 06/68210313. Sito

dove mangiare a roma - maxela ristorante roma


Retrobottega – Gourmet

A small miracle in the very central Via della Stelletta, a few steps from Piazza Navona. Here everything is done at home. At the entrance stand two large social tables for ten, with a pass at the end where a chef is ready to cook all the dishes you eat, interacting directly with you. The kitchen is central to view: movements and fragrances to be observed and savored as a small private show. Leave room for a sweet tarte-tatin of wild apples and creamy whiskey, goat yogurt and licorice, hibiscus and chocolate.

Retrobottega,Via della Stelletta 4, Roma Sito

dove mangiare a roma - retrobottega gourmet ristorante

Per me – Gourmet

Famous for its seafood cuisine, it has opened Per Me, now a certainty of quality catering. Among the alleys of via dei Banchi Vecchi and via Giulia, a place focused on the guest, with a truly original proposal. The wine selection is beautiful, structured as a journey through the wine territories.

Per me, Vicolo del Malpasso, 9, tel.06/ 687 7365 Sito

dove mangiare a roma -PER-ME ristorante roma

Il Marchese – Moderno

Il Marchese, osteria mercato liquori is the ideal place to escape the crowds of downtown streets in an environment halfway between a Roman tavern, with wooden tables and chairs, and a French bistro. The shining counter of colored bottles of the bar and the beautiful The open kitchen effectively separates the two environments. In the tavern there is a real market where customers can buy: flowers, flour, coffee, bread, fruit and vegetables, creamed cod with chickpea cream with rosemary. Among the desserts Tiramisù with pistachio (8 euros) and Cheesecake with ricotta and visciole (8 euros). Captivating the list of cocktails made with bitters (12 euros).

Il Marchese, Via di Ripetta 162, tel. 06 90218872. Sito

dove mangiare a roma - IL-MARCHESE-ristorante roma

Cul de sac – Enoteca

Before the wine bars and bistros all the same since 1977 in Rome there was and is the Cul de Sac: 1500 labels, few frills, a relaxed climate. You can eat from the typical dishes of traditional Roman cuisine as well as excellent pâtés made of wild boar, hare and homemade pheasant. You can also choose excellent international dishes. Also open after the theater.

Cul de Sac Piazza Pasquino 73, tel. 06 68801094. Sito.

dove mangiare a roma - Cul-de-Sac- enoteca roma

Coromandel  – Intimo

In a word: Victorian. Environmentally elegant furniture everything seems to come from the England of the great queen. A large mirror aged in small but comfortable spaces dominates the arched rooms. Essential and successful menu.

Coromandel, Via di Monte Giordano, 60/61, tel. 06 6880 246 Sito

dove mangiare a roma-coromandel-ristorante roma
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