Where to sleep in Rome

Rome is an immense city, the extension of the municipality is 10 times that of Paris. They are not heresies, just check the Wikipedia data: 1 287 square kilometers for Rome and 105 for the French capital. The neighborhoods where you can sleep are many, the places where you can stay innumerable. Saying which is the best is not easy.

It depends on various factors, for example economic, of proximity to the center, to the metro, to the sea, to the airport, to the station. Let’s give you some advice if you decide to spend a few nights in the capital.

Guided tour of trastevere Trastevere

Where to sleep in Rome spending little

The area near the Termini station is the one that presents the greatest concentration of hotels, vacation homes and hotels in the capital. The area is convenient because there is a metro. In some places, especially in the part near the Esquiline, it is frequented by many Chinese and non-EU citizens in general, it is not a beautiful show but it is quite safe. Obviously the further away you are from the center and the lower the price you will spend.

Si può anche dormire dalle suore, sono delle strutture ricettive spartane ma pulite gestite dalle religiose.

Sleep in the center – Found Hotel –

The historical center: the Romans have been discussing for years what it is and how vast the historic center is. The one inside the walls? What walls? Those Aurelians? Within the railway ring? Let’s say that even in this case the choice is vast.

Piazza Navona e Pantheon: very luxurious and very central. The area between P.zza Navona and Fontana di Trevi-Piazza di Spagna is the very heart of Rome. Here a house costs a lot, it is obvious that even the accommodations are high-end. There is also the Senate and Montecitorio, the Chamber of Deputies. If you find accommodation here, you should know that you can walk everywhere. Even the so-called “TRIDENTE”, the area between the three roads that start from Piazza del Popolo and go south, is very central (via di Ripetta, Via del Corso, via del Babuino).

Zone San Pietro e Prati: if you want to sleep in Rome Vatican this is the neighborhood for coi, here, together with Termini, there is a very high concentration of b & b and cheap hotels, so that the residents complain that there is no longer a normal apartment. In the area there are two stops of line A (Ottaviano and Cipro) and three bus lines. We are a little off-center, if we take the Colosseum as a reference point, we are on the right side of the Tiber and in the evening, if we want to take a walk, we need at least 30 minutes to reach Trastevere.

Zone Termini: here there is a lot of offer and it is often easy to find cheap accommodation. There are one-two and three-star hotels and B & Bs with low cost prices. Like all stations, it is not the height of life. What goes around Termini is not nice to see, but the area is fairly quiet. Easy to move thanks to the very close metro.

Zone Monti: the old suburra of Rome, where Giulio Cesare was born, close to the Trajan and Fori Imperiali markets. Considered one of the most chic areas of Rome. Very convenient because the B Cavour metro station leaves you right inside the neighborhood. There is via Panisperna, where some brilliant boys in the 30s, such as Fermi, Rasetti and Segrè worked at the Institute of Physics bringing home remarkable scientific discoveries. There are nice little restaurants and delightful cobblestone streets. Considered a very expensive area, but very central. On foot you can easily reach the Colosseum, Quirinale, Via Nazionale, Trevi Fountain, in short, everything.

Trastevere: by many considered the true soul, once popular, of Rome. At night a ride is a must. Many restaurants, pubs, bars and many young people for nightlife. The neighborhood, however, also offers quiet and characteristic corners of a nineteenth-century Rome well represented in “the Marquis of Grillo” with Alberto Sordi. Be careful to choose the right path if you do not want to sleep in the noise. The noisiest streets are those near Piazza Trilussa and vicolo dei Cinque.


If you don’t know where to sleep in Rome, there are neighborhoods a little distant from the center, we mean from 3 to 4 kilometers, little known for tourism, for sleeping they are ideal because maybe less busy and quieter but that can turn out to be real gems.

Testaccio: indeed it is very well known and is located in a rather central area, a stone’s throw from Trastevere. Here there is still a popular atmosphere, so much energy is breathed. On Sunday mornings there is very close Porta Portese, the used market that is worth visiting. In Testaccio there are many restaurants and clubs in the nearby part of the Monte de Cocci.